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Frequently Asked Question: Do I have gallbladder or gastric problems or both? How can I tell?

Fat intolerance or poor fat digestion (lipase deficiency) is the enzyme link to gallbladder problems. The worst fats that can trigger or exacerbate this are the omega-3 and -6 oils (PUFA for polyunsaturated fatty acids). Hypothyroid, estrogen dominant women have six times more gallbladder problems than men because estrogen triggers the release of PUFA from the cells, which can lead to gallbladder symptoms. Gallbladder symptoms may include: burping or nausea after meals, especially high fat or spicy; pain or discomfort under the right rib cage; a frequent sour taste in the mouth; sometimes regurgitation of food after meals, worse when laying down after eating; loss of appetite for meat and sometimes constipation with light colored stools. For this problem I recommend the HCL or the Bil digestive enzyme and usually the PAN digestive enzyme as well. Turmeric is also excellent for many problems including gallbladder, liver, colon, skin, vision, etc. The HCL or Bil multiple digestive enzymes cannot be tolerated by people if they have developed gastric problems.

In time, gallbladder problems can lead to stomach (gastric) problems. Symptoms may include nausea especially before eating and sometimes relieved by eating; heartburn or burning and pain in the stomach; esophageal acid reflux (GERD); ulcers and others. Gastric problems can also be caused or exacerbated by taking painkillers such as NSAIDs and other drugs and also by taking acidifying substances such as hydrochloric acid. People with gastric problems need the Stm digestive enzyme. Usage: 2 caps with each meal and 4 caps anytime needed to relieve gastric irritation.

If more help is needed to nourish the stomach, I recommend one or more of the following botanicals: Citricidal tabs or liquid, Colostrum powder or caps and Mastica Root. Aloe vera juice is also very soothing to the stomach. The worst carbs you can eat for gastric problems (and these are not healthy for anyone) are seeds, nuts, beans (except green beans), and grains (wheat, rye and barley especially). Safest grains are oats, corn and rice but not everyone can tolerate these. Heirloom grains (best sprouted and free of PUFA) can also be tolerated by some (spelt, quinoa, amaranth, kamut, etc.). The healthiest carbs are potatoes, carrots and fruits/fruit juices. Coconut oil is the easiest oil to digest and the healthiest of all oils. It helps to protect from PUFA, too.

Many people with gastric problems avoid gastric irritants so do not really know they have them. Then they start taking the HCL or the Bil digestive enzyme and this exacerbates the gastric problems due to the large amount of protease in these formulas. Some people have both gallbladder and gastric problems. It depends upon how long they have had lipase deficiencies and estrogen dominance.

References: Unwanted Stones - Kidney Stones And Gallstones; Stomach Problems; Coconut Oil - Why It Is Good For You; Hypothyroidism; To Your Health – July 2005

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