Saturday, October 11, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions: What are the Sources of Trans Fats and Acrylamides?

Question: Do you know of any studies on olive oil becoming a trans fat through the frying process?

Answer: Nope! Olive oil is mainly monounsaturated. Trans fats come from the partial hydrogenation of polyunsaturated oils (e.g. margarine and other partially hydrogenated PUFA or polyunsaturated oils which are all oils liquid at room temperature except Olive oil). I recommend coconut oil (either extra virgin or expeller pressed which has no taste) which is the healthiest oil you can eat, very prothyroid, the fat that is in mother's milk.

Most people are not aware that if an oil is 100% hydrogenated instead of partially hydrogenated there will be NO trans fats formed because trans fats are simply isomers of cis fats and the hydrogenation process creates them.

Question: Does acrylamide come from starch such as potatoes when they are fried?

Another myth is that when you fry potatoes acrylamide is formed from the potato but this is untrue. The acrylamides are formed from the PUFA. That's why I use coconut oil exclusively in all of my cooking. Dr. Bruce Fife has written 11 books on coconut products including 6 on coconut oil.

I first read about acrylamides an article in the Register Guard (4/25/02) that talks about the carcinogenicity of carbohydrates such as potato chips and French fries. Never once were the PUFA (polyunsaturated oils) used in frying mentioned! The carb got the blame. Bread was listed as another source - the acrylamide was formed during baking. The substance was identified as acrylamide, which is formed during the frying or baking. The EPA says that acrylamide is used in treating drinking water. Oh My!

“PUFA (omega-3 and -6 oils, also called polyunsaturated fatty acids) break down into several toxic things, including acrolein, which oxidizes to form acrylate, and both of them react with ammonia or amines to form acrylamide. I haven't read the article, but it does seem odd that they would think the starch was the source of the acrylamide.” (Dr. Ray Peat)

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Blogger Frederick said...

Hello Lita,

Love your work! Thank you for helping spread the great word about coconut oil.

What can I say? I agree with your informative post entirely. It really educated me. Once again, thanks for all your coconut oil efforts. Appreciate it!

Your Drugstore in a Bottle

October 14, 2008 at 8:28 PM  

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