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Stomach Nutrition for Antacid Users

Antacids (Nexium, Naproxin, Tums, Prilosec, Prevacid, Aciphex, Protonix, Prilosec (etc.): For ulcers, gastritis, GERD (esophageal reflux disease): Because of the lowering or inhibition of stomach acid, these drugs can create a favorable environment for H. pylori, a stomach bacterium that is associated with stomach cancer. In long term animal studies, these drugs caused an increase in stomach cancers and are therefore not recommended for long term use. Additional adverse effects: unusual bleeding or bruising; diarrhea; skin rash or itching; abdominal or stomach pain; increased or decreased appetite; nausea, anxiety; cold or flu-like symptoms; constipation; increased cough; depression; muscle pain; rectal bleeding; male breast enlargement; chest pain; dizziness and other symptoms. Since these antacids lower or inhibit stomach acid, they adversely affect the digestion of protein because there is less acid to convert pepsinogen into pepsin, a proteolytic enzyme that digests protein.

In addition, antacids decrease calcium absorption which also requires a certain amount of acidity for absoption. A Canadian study has confirmed that using drugs to treat reflux enormously increases the chances of having osteoporosis and a hip fracture -- by nearly five times after several years of taking the drugs. Losec, Prevacid, Nexium, Pantoloc and Pariet are the most recent, most powerful, and most problematic of these drugs; but Zantac and other first generation proton-pump inhibitors are only somewhat less dangerous because they are less effective. Source: research article numbers: 18695179, 15729198, 17201221, 15628717; (NaturalNews, 10/10/08 by Russel Johnston),

Calcium (and other important mineral) absorption is also inhibited by consuming soy products (with the exception of soy sauce) so if you have gastric problems and eat soy, you are in trouble!

Stomach nutrition:

People with gastric problems can find relief by avoiding certain starches (carbohydrates) which are: seeds, nuts, beans (except green), wheat, rye and barley. Prolamines - the storage proteins in seeds, nuts and beans have a very similar toxicity to the toxicity of the gluten in grains. The safest grains are rice, corn and oats but not everyone can tolerate these. Heirloom grains (spelt, quinoa, amaranth, kamut, etc.) are also tolerated by some. Potatoes, fruits, fruit juices and carrots are good carbohydrates.

I start with Thera-zyme Stm and add other formulas if more help is needed.

1) Stm – 2 caps per meal and 4 caps anytime needed.

2) Mega Mastica Root – 2 caps in the am and the pm

3) Colostrum Caps – 2 caps 1- 3x/d (anytime) or take the powder, one tsp or more orally daily in juice or water.

4) Aloe vera juice (not gel) - drink alone or with juice or water.

5) Turmeric - useful in people with gallbladder problems who also have gastric problems and can’t tolerate high protease enzymes such as Thera-zymes Bil or HCL. It is for nourishment of the gallbladder, liver, colon, eyes and skin. Turmeric is a mild curry spice that supports normal structure and function for healthy DNA, cardiovascular health and for people who may have skin problems, gallbladder problems, and weak vision. It is a COX inhibitor (inhibits free radicals, like aspirin), and provides a gentle liver and colon detox. Try 1 cap 2-3x/d with food.

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