Saturday, December 13, 2008

Melamine – Who Wants It?

World Health Organization Sets Outlandish "Safe" Level for Melamine Consumption

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, December 11, 2008Melamine is an industrial chemical that has sickened hundreds of thousands of children in China and killed babies and pets across the world. It has no place in the food supply. For these health agencies to now claim that a person can "safely" eat 13.6 mg of melamine per day, every day, is simply outrageous. Without any scientific evidence whatsoever, the world's health agencies are essentially endorsing very high levels of melamine in foods. How high? If a 150-pound person eats just one chocolate bar per day, and that chocolate bar is a 50-gram bar that's contaminated with melamine, the WHO would allow an incredible 272 parts per million of melamine in the bar, which is 272 times the allowable level of melamine contamination that has been put forth by the FDA!Neither the WHO nor the FDA has any science whatsoever to back up this "safe" consumption guideline.

Not only that both the WHO and FDA think it's "safe" for babies, children and adults to consume melamine every day, but that these agencies support the daily consumption of multiple untested chemicals in combination.The FDA has declared bisphenol-A to be completely safe and has placed no consumption limit on it whatsoever. There is no limit on acrylamide consumption, either, meaning that a U.S. citizen could be consuming large amounts of melamine, bisphenol-A, acrylamides, phthalates, perchlorates and numerous other chemicals in highly toxic combinations that are all "approved" by the FDA.

History of Melamine

Early in 2008, Chinese hospitals reported an abnormal increase in infant cases of kidney stones. In August 2008, China Sanlu Milk Powder was tested and found to contain melamine.
In September 2008, the New Zealand government asked China to investigate the problem, and by September 21, it was discovered that many food products in Taiwan also tested positive for melamine.

Melamine can form into insoluble melamine cyanurate crystals in renal tubules, kidneys, urethra, urethra or urinary bladder. A child’s kidneys are much smaller than those of an adult, and they consume much larger quantities of milk powder if fed infant formula.
The following symptoms have been observed in infants affected by infant formula laced melamine:

Unexplained fever arising from urinary tract infections
Unexplained crying in infants, especially when urinating, possible vomiting
Small amounts of blood in the urine
Acute obstructive renal failure
Pain on urinating, and passage of stones while urinating
High blood pressure
Pain over the kidneys

Foods originating from China that contain dairy products should be avoided. The companies listed below may carry dairy products from China: Nestle products, Starbucks Coffee, M&M’s, Snickers, Dove soap, Pizza Hut pizza, Coffee Mate and many other products.
Source: December 9, 2008 - Issue 1197

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