Thursday, December 11, 2008

Natural Substances to Help Prevent Flu, Influenza and Other Health Problems

Botanicals and natural substances that support your immune system

· Colostrum powder or caps – a total body immune system support food that is baby’s first food of life. Good for humans of all ages and also your pets. Colostrum article:
· Umcka Cold Care - Shortens duration -of the flu without suppressing symptoms. Follow directions on the label:
· Citricidal tabs, nasal spray, ear drops and liquid. Citricidal - A Natural Botanical Extract
· Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) – essential for immune system support
· Coconut Oil – the healthiest oil you can eat, is prothyroid and supports the immune system
· Coconut Water – a naturally rehydrating water, especially during times of dehydration due to diarrhea and/or vomiting.
· Thyroid glandular nutrition and the pro-thyroid diet are essential in supporting your immune system. See articles: Hypothyroidism:
Thyroid Myths: ;
Thyroid Resistance:
· Aspirin - good for inflammation and pain. See aspirin article in To Your Health newsletter, October 2003 . Did you know that fruits and fruit juices are naturally high is salicylates, part of the aspirin molecule? That’s why I recommend them, for their anti-inflammatory properties plus they do not contain PUFAs.

Thera-zyme Enzymes (follow your symptoms)

· Thera-Zyme TRMA - enzymatic nutritional support during infections, 4 caps between meals 3-5x/d until well. TRMA is also excellent for fluid anywhere, including the ears.
· Thera-Zyme Rsp - enzymatic nutritional lung support during bronchitis, infection, wheezing, etc., 3-4 caps as needed until relieved.
· Thera-Zyme Kdy enzymatic nutritional lymphatic support for swollen glands and allergies, 3 caps between meals 3-5x/d until relieved.
· Thera-Zyme SvG enzymatic nutritional support for a sore throat, 4 caps 3-5 x/d until relieved.
· Thera-Zyme Nsl enzymatic nutritional nasal support for a stuffy/congested nose, 4 caps 3-5 x/d until relieved. If more help is needed, add the Citricidal Nasal Spray.
· Thera-Zyme Opt - enzymatic nutrition support for a runny, drippy nose, 4 caps 3-5 x/d until relieved.

For more information, see To Your Health - January 2009

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