Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oh My! Wanna Study? Take a Drug!

Bioethics Professor Seeks to Make Ritalin and Other Mind-altering Drugs OTC for Students Before Exams
by Mike Adams, January 2,2009

John Harris, professor of bioethics and director of the Institute for Science, Ethics and Innovation at the University of Manchester is at it again, pushing for OTC drug use by college students who want to "enhance their brain power" before exams. What drugs should they be taking? Amphetamines, he says! Of course, he doesn't mean they should be able to take any amphetamines they want. They should only be able to buy Pharma's amphetamines that just happen to make lots of money for drug companies.

A few weeks ago the medical journal Nature published an editorial authored by several doctors (including John Harris) advocated the use of Ritalin and other mind-altering drugs by students (gee, haven't they drugged enough students with Ritalin already?). See:

Brain Foods That Are Non-Toxic

When I read this report, I was inspired to think about all of the wonderful non-toxic, non-addictive natural substances that improve mental function, memory, focus, clarity, decrease anxiety and panic and increase energy without the side effects of amphetamines!

Here they are - available to the public without a prescription!

Rhodiola rosea has been used for centuries in Russia and Scandinavia. Soviet researchers classified the herb as an adaptogen, a substance that can increase resistance to stress. Rhodiola has a positive nutritional effect on the mitochondria (the “lungs of the cell) and may also increase metabolism and improve overall brain metabolism. By providing this energy boost, Rhodiola appears to help cells function better under stress. Rhodiola root has a reputation for improving mental performance, memory and rate of learning, decreasing depression, enhancing physical performance, and decreasing fatigue from any cause. Source: “the Herb That Came In From The Cold,” by Peter Jaret , Alternative Medicine, January 2005.

Pregnenolone is the second most abundant steroid (the first is Cholesterol, a steroid alcohol). Pregnenolone is made from adequate LDL cholesterol (it is not bad as you may have been told) in the presence of adequate thyroid hormone. So, hypothyroid people do not make adequate pregnenolone. Pregnenolone has a calming effect because it prevents formation of substances that cause anxiety and panic. So it’s great for “pre-performance jitters.” It also improves memory and focus. See my pregnenolone article for more details:

Thyroid glandular is recommended by all hypothyroid people because they cannot produce adequate pregnenolone. See 3 articles on thyroid: , ,

Thera-zyme Adr enzyme supports normal structure and function in people who may have pre-performance jitters, feel stressed, have trouble focusing and who may feel panicky, hyperactive, depressed or sad and have many other symptoms due to low blood sugar,

Thera-zyme TRMA enzyme supports normal structure and function in people who may be anxious (sighing a lot) and need immune support.

Organic caffeinated coffee is a prothyroid food that increases focus and has many other benefits. See: April 2001 To Your Health

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