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The ZRT Laboratory At Home Test for Vitamin D3

How much vitamin D do you need? Most adults need 5,000 IU per day of vitamin D in the winter. Children need about 1,000 IU per every 25 pounds of body weight. However, many people will still be deficient at these doses so after taking the vitamin D for three months, get tested. You can save yourself concerns about how much vitamin D you need plus some money by testing your vitamin D levels in the privacy of your home. ZRT is accurate, has correlated their test with Diasorin RIA, and only charges $65.00 if you order through the Vitamin D Council.

Please read the page below before doing anything, including emailing me with a question already answered on the page below.

John Cannell, M.D., 9100 San Gregorio Road, Atascadero, CA 93422, Vitamin D Council
Information on the ZRT At Home Test for Vitamin D3

25-hydroxy-vitamin D or 25(OH)D is the circulating form of vitamin D and routinely used to diagnose vitamin D deficiency. The Vitamin D Council recommends 25(OH)D levels be between 50 and 80 ng/mL, year around. These levels assure vitamin D metabolism is normalized. Furthermore, levels of 50-80 ng/mL are “natural” levels, that is, levels normally achieved by people who work in the sun. Low vitamin D levels have been associated with most of the diseases of civilization but only a few controlled trials show vitamin D prevents disease. Controlled trials showing vitamin D treats diseases are even rarer. Many such studies are currently being conducted to see if vitamin D really does prevent or help treat disease. While you wait for the studies to be finished, what 25(OH)D level do you want to have while you wait, a natural 25(OH)D level, one humans had when they worked in the fresh air and sunshine, or a level that is the result of a civilized indoor lifestyle?

DisclaimersCalifornia disclaimers regarding testing do not apply to orders through the Vitamin D Council as the Vitamin D Council is a non-profit organization whose executive president, John Cannell, M.D. will be responsible for ordering testing for 25-hydroxyvitamin D. However, by ordering this test, I agree that I have not entered into a doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Cannell; that is, I understand that Dr. Cannell is not my doctor. I also understand that the vitamin D kit I am buying will report my 25-hydroxy-vitamin D level back to me, but what actions I do or do not take after getting the results back is up to me and my doctor, not Dr. Cannell or the Vitamin D Council.

New York State health law prohibits the testing of specimens collected in or mailed from New York and prohibits the transmission of data from our laboratory to NY physicians or residents. Therefore, we are unable to process such orders at this time.

The Vitamin D Council and Dr. Cannell have partnered with ZRT Laboratory to offer selected products to you at a discount. At this time, Vitamin D Council discounts apply to the following products:

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Vitamin D Kit
$ 65.00
For detection of vitamin D deficiency and monitoring of supplemented levels. Test in blood spot measures total 25(OH)D, the best single measure of overall vitamin D status. Kit contains one test.
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Vitamin D Multi-Test Kit, four tests
$ 220.00
Save money on testing your family or on retesting yourself after various amounts of vitamin D supplementation. Kit contains four tests.

Vitamin D3 caps, 2000 iu available from
Vitamin D3 drops, one drop = 1000 iu

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