Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Do Whole House Water Filters remove Fluoride? If so, How Much?

Interview with Tim Hickey from Friends of Water

“There are companies that sell whole house filters and claim that they nearly completely remove fluoride from the bath and shower. This claim could be true - in the first uses of the filter. But there simply can't be enough filtration material to continually remove most fluoride from the bath or shower over an extended time. Our expert's calculation is that you would need to replace a large whole house tank with media every 2 to 2 1/2 months to keep up effectiveness.”

“One of our customers and his wife used to be bedridden from fluoride, including having reactions after bathing and showering. He bought a $385 fluoride tester and started testing the water from his sink, from bottled water and from aluminum cans. Then he bought our fluoride removal system and found zero% fluoride coming out of their kitchen filter for 6 months using our filter. He hasn't yet reached a conclusion about how long the filter will remove all the fluoride and he'll probably need another year or more to find out. Now this couple are no longer bedridden. With that, he has dropped his plan to put a 'kitchen' filter into the bathroom water line because he doesn't need to. They just take quick showers or baths and they are now okay. So it continues to appear to us that while those who have fluoride toxicity will have problems with fluoride in the bath & shower, the real culprit is ingestion.”

“We've seen conflicting evidence on the absorption of fluoride from bathing and showering, and I suspect some is absorbed. But if a couple can move from bedridden to healthy without eliminating fluoride from their showering, that's strong anecdotal evidence that drinking is the bigger source.”

“By the way, our shower and bath filters do remove up to 40% of fluoride in addition to virtually all the chlorine. It is because our manufacturing partner has a patented process for our kdf filter that makes the shower and bath disks several times more effective than kdf without this process that so much fluoride is removed.”


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