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The Enzyme and Hormonal Links to Diabetes

The enzyme connection to diabetes is fat intolerance and this can also lead to gallbladder problems and blood sugar problems. Gallbladder stress can produce a sour taste, intolerance of fatty or spicy foods, nausea after high fat meals and pain or discomfort under the right rib case. Women have 6 times more gallbladder surgery than men because they are estrogen dominant when hypothyroid. Estrogen releases PUFA – unsaturated (omega-3 and -6) oils from the cells and this can trigger gallbladder stress. Fat intolerance can also lead to gastric problems (ulcers, acid reflux, etc.) and also to diabetes. The best protection from PUFA is coconut oil (saturated fat). Animals fed coconut oil never developed diabetes.

The hormonal connection to diabetes is hypothyroidism rarely seen with standard blood thyroid panels as demonstrated by Broda Barnes, M.D. over 50 years ago.

Studies have found that increased levels of iron are linked to a greater risk for type 2 diabetes independent of common diabetes risk factors, such as obesity. For more information, go to Eat only non-iodized white sea salt, not colored salts. The color is either dirt or a toxin. For example, pink, orange or red sea salt contains toxic inorganic iron. Coffee, milk and cheese prevents the iron overload that can come from some foods. This is the best dietary way to lower iron absorption but if you have excessive amounts of iron, donating blood is an excellent way of reducing it.

Nutrition to support optimum blood sugar

Thera-zyme VSCLR
is the multiple digestive enzyme for people with blood sugar problems. VSCLR is for nutritional support of normal function and structure in people who may have immune system problems, including viruses, blood pressure problems, difficulty losing weight, a tendency towards high blood sugar, glucosuria, headaches around the temples and dizziness worse upon movement. Usage: 2-4 caps per meal. In addition to VSCLR, I also recommend Gymnesyl, an Ayurvedic herb that helps stabilize blood sugar and Bitter Melon, both used to support blood sugar health in addition to salty fruit juices 3x/d.

Turmeric is recommended for added nourishment of the immune system, gallbladder, liver, colon, eyes and skin. I recommend this for everyone but especially for people who may have gallbladder issues from fat intolerance. Turmeric is a mild curry spice used by millions of Asian people. It supports normal structure and function for healthy DNA, cardiovascular health and for people who may have skin problems, including psoriasis, gallbladder problems, and weak vision. It is a COX inhibitor (inhibits free radicals, like aspirin), and provides a gentle liver and colon detox. Dosage ranges from 1-2 caps per meal 3x/d.

Coconut Oil is very prothyroid and protects from PUFA.
Aloha Nu coconut oil
Coconut oil article:

Hormonal balancing with thyroid glandular, progesterone and pregnenolone will support normal blood sugar levels by several important pathways.

1) Thyroid glandular nutrition: thyroid glandular converts LDL cholesterol into pregnenolone and progesterone.

2) Pregnenolone: opposes cortisol. Excess cortisol, common in low thyroid function plus fat intolerance and a high PUFA (omega-3 and -6 oil) diet can trigger diabetes.
Pregnenolone article:

3) Progesterone (for women): Hypothyroid women need progesterone for female problems, fertility and also progesterone stimulates the release of the thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland.
Progesterone article:


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