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A Vaccine Primer (Video)

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Physicians and health professionals are now speaking out clearly of the risks and dangers of vaccination. We have tip toed around the American Medical model long enough. Vaccines come with great risks. "We must entertain the possibility that some of the by products of vaccine manufacturing also make it into the body and destroy or impair or contribute to the destruction and impairment of our children's systems", Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, Board Certified Pediatrician and fellow of the American Pediatric Association

"Its gone beyond misconduct to criminal negligence", Jim Moody, Attorney

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Insert Admits It Causes Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Vasculitis, Paralysis, Anaphylactic Shock And Death

Bird Flu Pandemic Tuesday, Sept 29th, 2009
Alex Jones Radio Show

The package insert for the Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine manufactured by Novartis has been leaked on the Internet. According to that package insert, the vaccine (based on an earlier vaccine product known as Fluvirin) is known to cause a whole host of very nasty side effects such as guillain-barre syndrome, vasculitis, anaphylactic shock and even death.
Of course anyone who has been studying vaccine side effects already knows that it causes all of these things, but the story here is that the insert for the swine flu vaccine itself is admitting all of these things. The insert says that it was updated during September 2009, so it reflects the very latest information.

You can read the package insert for this vaccine for yourself right here…..

The following is a list of some of the very nasty side effects that the vaccine package insert admits to…..

*Local injection site reactions (including pain, pain limiting limb movement, redness, swelling, warmth, ecchymosis, induration)
*Hot flashes/flushes
*Facial edema.
*Immune system disorders
*Hypersensitivity reactions (including throat and/or mouth edema)
*In rare cases, hypersensitivity reactions have lead to anaphylactic shock and death
*Cardiovascular disorders
*Vasculitis (in rare cases with transient renal involvement)
*Syncope shortly after vaccination
*Digestive disorders
*Abdominal pain.
*Blood and lymphatic disorders
*Local lymphadenopathy
*Transient thrombocytopenia.
*Metabolic and nutritional disorders
*Loss of appetite.
*Nervous system disorders
*Febrile convulsions
*Guillain-Barré Syndrome
*Myelitis (including encephalomyelitis and transverse myelitis)
*Neuropathy (including neuritis)
*Paralysis (including Bell’s Palsy)
*Respiratory disorders
*Chest pain
*Stevens-Johnson syndrome
*Rash (including non-specific, maculopapular, and vesiculobulbous)

Important note from Lita Lee, Ph.D.: Be aware that there are many substances recommended by well-meaning alternative health care practitioners that are unhealthy or toxic. Among these are: Fish (omega-3 oils), MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) and any form of colloidal silver. See my To Your Health - October 2009 newsletter for a list of safe supplements for immune system support:

1) Colloidal Silver Toxicity: All silver is very toxic, and the colloidal form wouldn't kill germs if it weren't very active chemically. It isn't as toxic as mercury, but few things are. It’s slightly less toxic than lead. (Dr. Ray Peat,

2) MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) Toxicity: MMS is a solution of 28% sodium chlorites (bleach) which forms chlorine dioxide or dioxychlor when citrus juice or vinegar are added to it.
Dioxychlor or chlorine dioxide is also manufactured by other companies and is supplied in liquid form and contains a substance consisting of two oxygen atoms bound, not to each other, but to a third atom of chlorine. This makes possible the release of the highly active form (of oxygen), nascent oxygen. It is similar in this respect to ozone and hydrogen peroxide. Most people take 10-30 drops per day.

All free radical promoters (ozone, dioxychlor, hydrogen peroxide, etc., are very toxic.

Dr. Ray Peat’s comment on chlorine dioxide: Human cells are about ten times more sensitive to chlorine dioxide than yeast cells so the test is not valid. Chlorine dioxide and its reaction products are carcinogenic and the amounts they advocate are awful.

3) Fish Oil (Omega -3 Oil): The most labile and toxic of all the PUFAs (omega - 3 and -6 oils). See To YourHealth – July 2005 for details and also go to

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

9 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Vaccinating Your Child

Posted by: Dr. Mercola October 06 2009 127,092 views

This year it is more important that you protect your children and loved ones from the flu vaccines than influenza itself. This article on Lew Rockwell discusses how:

The swine flu is simply another flu. It is not unusually deadly. This is the first time both seasonal and pandemic flu vaccines will be administered. Both seasonal flu and swine flu vaccines will require two inoculations. This is because single inoculations have failed to produce sufficient antibodies. This is an admission that prior flu vaccines were virtually useless. Can you trust them this time?

Adjuvants are added to vaccines to boost production of antibodies but may trigger autoimmune reactions. Some adjuvants are mercury (thimerosal), aluminum and squalene. Why would you sign a consent form for your children to be injected with mercury, which is even more brain-toxic than lead?

This is the first year mock vaccines have been used to gain FDA approval. The vaccines that have been tested are not the same vaccines your children will be given. Over-vaccination is a common practice now in America. American children are subjected to 29 vaccines by the age of two. Meanwhile, veterinarians have backed off of repeat vaccination in dogs because of observed side effects.

Modern medicine has no explanation for autism, despite its continued rise in prevalence. Yet autism is not reported among Amish children who go unvaccinated. Researchers are warning that over-use of the flu vaccine and anti-flu drugs like Tamiflu and Relenza can apply genetic pressure on flu viruses and then they are more likely to mutate into a more deadly strain.
Most seasonal influenza A (H1N1) virus strains tested from the United States and other countries are now resistant to Tamiflu (oseltamivir). Tamiflu has become a nearly worthless drug against seasonal flu.

Public health officials are irresponsible in their omission of any ways to strengthen immunity against the flu. No options outside of problematic vaccines and anti-flu drugs are offered, despite the fact there is strong evidence that vitamins C and D activate the immune system and the trace mineral selenium prevents the worst form of the disease.

For even more reasons, please review the full article on
Sources: September 16, 2009
Living Wisdom E-Newsletter, September 2009
New York Times September 18, 2009

References from Lita Lee

To Your Health – October 2009 This contains many links to original articles on vaccine side effects

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