Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Raw Milk Saga: Max Kane risks prison by refusing to disclose who sells and who buys that “controlled substance”

From Before It’s News:


Here’s an excerpt from the “before it’s news.com” edition of the Max Kane raw milk saga:

Max Kane has been under considerable legal pressure to reveal the names of suppliers and customers involved in his "Belle's Lunchbox" raw milk buying group in Wisconsin. Max Kane has been charged with nothing. There is no case being prosecuted against him or anyone else for anything, not even for selling or buying raw milk. Yet, he has been ordered by the state of Wisconsin to inform on his friends. They want him to name people who sell or buy raw milk. He has refused, and for that, he’s been under threat of prison.

Wisconsin’s Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP) is in thrall to the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), is not pursuing Kane for any crime, though they have been trying to turn him into a criminal. He’s obviously guilty, of course—guilty of drinking raw milk and advocating it. Worse, though, he’s guilty of refusing to give the names of people he knows who also drink raw milk, not to mention the farmers who have the temerity to sell it to them.

In Wisconsin, it’s perfectly legal for farmers to sell directly to consumers in Wisconsin. More and more have been doing just that, and for good reason. People want raw milk. Like Max Kane, they’ve found that it’s health-promoting. The powers-that-be don’t like that. So, they’re going after small family dairies and activists like Max. If Max gives in, they’re apparently planning to go after ordinary people who are guilty of buying a contraband substance: milk in its natural, unpasteurized, state.

How Max Came to Raw Milk Activism

Max was a very sick man suffering from Crohn’s disease, a condition causing abdominal pain, cramping, diarrhea and serious weight loss. In his words, he was “wasting away”. Modern medicine could do nothing for him. Like a miracle, Max found raw milk. By the simple act of drinking it, he has returned to health….”

Article: The Raw Milk Controversy: http://www.litalee.com/shopexd.asp?id=190

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