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Don’t’ Wear GMO Clothes; Don’t Eat GMO Foods - Boycott Frankencotten and Frankenfoods!

Gentically Modified Crop Use Makes Minor Pests a Major Problem – Part II

What about the Effects of Bt crops on Humans?

In India, farm workers who handle Bt crops are already reporting allergy and flu-like symptoms. There’s also concern that the Bt toxin could remain active in your intestines, turning your digestive tract into a virtual pesticide factory. As Smith says: “The only published human feeding study revealed that even after you stop eating GMOs, harmful GM proteins may be produced continuously inside of you; genes inserted into GM soy transfer into bacteria inside your intestines and continue to function.

Roundup Ready Crops have Lead to “Superweeds” which are Now Devastating Farmers
Since 1996, when GM crops were first introduced, at least 10 species of U.S. weeds have developed resistance to glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp herbicide. Roundup Ready soybean, cotton and corn crops are the world’s largest group of genetically modified crops. The use of Roundup herbicide has increased dramatically since the GM Roundup Ready crops were introduced. In the first 13 years, American farmers sprayed an additional 383 million pounds of herbicide due to these herbicide-tolerant crops. And now the repeated exposures have given Mother Nature all she needs to stage her comeback in the form of devastating superweeds. As a result, farmers are being forced to spray their crops with even more toxic herbicides, along with return to labor-intensive methods like pulling weeds by hand.

Just Say No to GMO!

China’s GM-induced pest problems are likely a drop in the bucket compared to what the United States is in for. The United States grows two thirds of the GM crops worldwide since 1996, when GM crops were first made available commercially. Efforts are now being made to force the labeling of all GM foods and to educate the public so that organic foods will be chosen over GM foods. The labeling campaign is making progress, thanks to the persistence of Jeffrey Smith and the Institute for Responsible Technology. This institute has compiled an excellent Non-GMO Shopping Guide that you can download for free.

Below are some GM foods you can avoid by buying only the organic varieties. However I recommend seeking only organic foods, not just avoid those listed below.

Crookneck Squash
Hawaiian papaya
Soy (I don’t recommend any soy products other than organic soy sauce or tamari -LL)
Canola oil (I don’t recommend any unsaturated oils or PUFA whether it’s GM or not - LL)
GM sugar from GM Sugar Beets (as of 2009)
Zucchini squash

Nature May 13, 2010
Science May 13, 2010 May 4, 2010

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