Monday, November 22, 2010

How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child

From the Vaccine Liberation Army

This site has many stories, DVDs, articles and the effects of drugs and vaccinations on young people. Before you take your child to a doctor for any behavior problem, please check out this site and watch the DVD.

“Had we been told the truth about the dangerous effects of the psychiatric drug our son was given, he would be alive today”

An upclose and personal story and stories given by a group of dedicated mothers, most of whom have lost a child due to the rampant doling out of prescription drugs. These gals, up close and personal, are on a mission to educate the world as to the real danger and risks of putting a child on psyche drugs. This may bring tears to your eyes. Buy a few of this DVD for your legislators and for friends that you know whose children have been labeled as ADHD or depressed. This documentary will wake them up to the reality of what dangers lie ahead!

Check out the 2,500 suicides and homicide stories.

Behavior problems are NOT a disease, they come from stress and nutritional deficiencies.

Anti-Stress Program for children: Nutritional support for mild panic, depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, insomnia and nervousness

Please take your appropriate multiple digestive enzyme - usually PAN (sugar intolerance) is indicated, 2 caps with each meal 3x/d. But, sometimes additional formulas are required. The Loomis 24-hour urine test will determine the exact formulas needed. Contact Lita Lee for more information.

Enzymes for nutritional support of stress

  • SvG - take 2 caps with meals for carbohydrate cravings and to stop the racing mind, relax, become serene or meditate. Can be taken between meals too.

  • Adr - digests sucrose and puts glucose into the brain. Take 2 caps with meals to digest sugar and to help relieve depression, stress, panic, moodiness, anger and when you wake up at night.

  • CLM - for nervousness and emotional upsets and for people who suffer severe emotional, mental or physical stress. Take 2 caps as needed anytime – with or between meals.

  • TRMA - for anxiety, sighing a lot, plus immune system problems. Take 4 caps between meals as needed.

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